They hung with fearless founders and straight up badasses. They made new friends and ran into old ones. They talked with experts and sexperts. They used power tools (some for the first time ever). They Vinyasa-ed, ran, boot camped, hip-hopped, self-defended, and worked their cores. They created. They took time to relax. They perused, they inquired, they browsed, they sampled. They clinked glasses. They were inspired by what they saw and whom they met. They were empowered from the inside out, and it all happened at the first annual Women You Should Know® Fearless Fest (11/14/15)… and it was awesome.

“To be fearless? does not necessarily mean to be without fear, but rather to have the confidence to push past it and do.” – WYSK

You could literally feel the spirit of the event and our mission – women inspiring and supporting one another – throughout the space compliments of the enthusiastic participation of the hundreds of guests who came to celebrate with us, as well as the unique, experiential contributions that our fearless brand partners and fitness instructors made to what was a truly extraordinary day.

There was not a woman who wasn’t completely pumped by all she had seen, done, or experienced at Fearless Fest, and everyone left feeling entertained, educated, empowered, and… fearless!

PS – They even indulged in artisanal cheese caramels… YES! cheese caramels (and they are as insanely delicious as you think). 

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Thanks & Cheers For The Rock Stars Of Fearless Fest

Our sincere appreciation to our fearless brand partners who pulled out all the stops to create super cool experiences for our guests: the American Heart Association Go Red For Women campaign, The Home Depot, ZICO coconut water, Athleta, Oasis Day SpaBabeland (founded by Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning), Catrinka, (founded by Megan Reilly Cayten), V-Proud (founded by Karen Cahn) and HelloFlo (founded by Naama Bloom), Play Out Underwear (founded by Abby Sugar and Sylvie Lardeux), Magic Mix Juicery (founded by Jil Larsen) The Mantra Project (founded by Christine D’Ercole and Charise Beckett-Barbera), Drive Change (founded by Jordyn Lexton), Cheese Grotto (founded by Jessica Sennett), and Schoola (founded by Stacey Boyd).

Our deep gratitude and love to our 6 fearless fitness instructors who pushed the women in their classes to unleash both their inner and outer strength: Andia Winslow (Fearless Fest co-host* & ABSolutely Core), Kate Forman (Vinyasa Yoga), Corinne Fitzgerald, (Run Club), Dr. Laura Miranda (“Strong Health Woman” Boot Camp), Tara “big tara” Anomolies, (Hip Hop Dance), Viktoria Marakova (Self-Defense/Krav Maga).

*Andia is a dynamic and inspiring woman we are incredibly lucky to know. She puts the fearless in Fearless Fest (and everything she does) and we are so honored and proud to have created and co-hosted this event with her.