Meet Laila. Her mom Cristina is in the U.S. Navy and was recently deployed overseas. So like many military pet owners who are sent to places where their pets cannot go, Cristina sadly had to leave Laila behind. After a year of being apart, the pair will finally be reunited when Cristina returns in June. In the meantime, Laila has certainly not been without love or care thanks to 8-year-old songstress Anna Masusock and her awesome family who have opened their home to foster military dogs.

Laila came to the Masusocks via the PACT For Animals, an organization the family has been involved with since 2014 that works directly with military service members “to match their companion animals with appropriate foster homes that will give them the care and love they need while their military owners are deployed.”

Including their current foster Laila, the Masusock family has cared for four dogs in the last two years. “Three of the dogs belonged to deployed service members and one to someone who was undergoing medical treatments and was unable to care for the dog,” according to Fox29 in Philadelphia. And, like Laila, every single one of them has LOVED Anna’s singing and her beautiful voice.

PS – From the looks of this photo, which proud momma/foster momma Donna Masusock posted to her Facebook page, it looks like Laila also LOVED being dressed up by her siblings, Anna and Liam, as Wonder Woman last Halloween.