Earlier this week, we shared the Facebook post of Rebecca Hayes, a U.S. Navy veteran. It was her brilliant response to an anonymous, assumption-making stranger who left a “hey lady” note on her car, chastising her for parking in a designated “Veteran Parking” spot. In solidarity with Rebecca, a number of female veterans who follow our page commented about having been treated similarly or worse. Representing a range of service years across different branches of the military, each woman shared a personal experience about having been assumed non-military (even while in uniform) simply on the basis of gender.

So we collected just some of their stories here to help raise awareness because apparently some people have no clue that women serve in the military. This is 2016, right?








And one commenter offered what we think is the perfect summation of these collective experiences…


So to all the women who currently serve or have served their country, Women You Should Know offers our heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude for your selflessness, bravery, sacrifice, and straight up badassery. #RESPECT