Zoe Saldana is an actress and vocal champion for equality and feminism. She’s also the “reigning queen of scifi franchises,” with Star Trek, Avatar and now Guardians of the Galaxy under her belt. Zoe recently told Badass Digest what draws her to these scripts and why she looks to space to find better female roles.

“I like being in space because there are better parts for women in space. I don’t have to subject myself to just being the love interest or playing a character that doesn’t feel relevant to the story or playing a woman that doesn’t feel like an actual depiction of a real woman. When I read films in space and I’m working with these kinds of filmmakers there’s a neutral sense to the way they develop characters. It makes me feel very significant, very relevant and very excited.”

In response, John Marcotte – Women You Should Know Contributor, feminist dad, web designer, writer, and “Award-Winning Author” – made this awesome meme and captioned it as follows:

“Maybe someday Earth will evolve to the point that there are decent roles for women on our planet.” – John Marcotte

Hear, hear!