We recently stumbled on the Feminist Disney tumblr page and found the author’s great, growing collection of classic Disney scenes that have been re-captioned with a feminist twist.

The creative feminist behind the image collection says, “I didn’t start up this blog intending to be ‘Feminist Disney’ but these images are what started me moving in that direction, and there is definitely a progression from random to full frontal feminism.”

By examining and documenting the intersection of Disney and social issues, his or her goal “is not to kill Disney, but to change it.”

Here are a few of our favorites from the Feminist Disney Image Collection.

FemDis_maleficent“This reminds me of all those magazines that give you 200 tips for losing weight and ‘looking great’ and then tell you that their secret tip is, ‘confidence is what will really attract people to you.’ It’s like society wants to shame you for not living up to their ideal, and also shame you if you don’t try to live up to it,” replied the mirror.

FemDis_sleepingbeauty“This is basically the image that helped make my site sort of popular. Or at least propel it to have more than 50 followers lol.” – Feminist Disney


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