About a year ago, compliments of the magical hand of fate (and Twitter), we had the great fortune to meet a man named John Marcotte. Let’s just say he had us at, “Nothing makes you a more active feminist than having two little girls and wanting them to have the type of limitless opportunities they deserve.” From that day forward he has been our unwavering supporter, our go-to comics expert, our comic relief, and an invaluable guest contributor to Women You Should Know.

By trade, John is a writer, web designer, and occasional political satirist. By choice, he is a “hip nerd” and a proud feminist dad of two super-heroic young girls. Like Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Clark Kent, we know that “John Marcotte” is just the secret identity of a superhero, discreetly tucked behind a mortal exterior, who fights valiantly for women and girls.

“Nothing makes you a more active feminist than having two little girls and wanting them to have the type of limitless opportunities they deserve.”

Though we’ve yet to see his cape and slick get-up, his super powers are evident… a big heart, a kind soul, a quick wit, and a brain with no “off” switch that comes complete with an enviable arsenal of thought provoking commentary and profound insights on a wide range of topics like media messaging, comics, pop-culture, and more. How honored we are that he has shared so much of this and himself with us.

Of course, his brilliance has not gone unnoticed. In a history making moment, John, the very “First Male Contributor To Women You Should Know,” received something called a Mangina Award in response to a piece he wrote for us in May – “Proud Dad Of Two Geek Girls Talks… Of Boys And Princesses” – that went wildly viral. This marked his official status as an “Award-Winning Author.” Thanks again for that MRAs!

John’s newest and most impressive title is “Founder,” which comes with the launch of Heroic Girls, his awesome, new, girl empowerment organization that made its online debut earlier this month. Dedicated to empowering girls by advocating for strong role models in alternative media – particularly comics, we could not be more excited about John’s latest venture.

In speaking about the mission of his Heroic Girls, John says, “We want to get more girls and women involved in the creation and consumption of comic books as a tool to increase assertiveness and self-esteem, and to help them to dream big.”

It’s a movement to help girls become the women you should know of tomorrow, and to that we say, “Hear, hear!” In giving back everything we have gained from knowing John Marcotte over the last year, we are proud to rally the WYSK troops in chanting his Heroic Girls’ battle cry, “Sometimes the princess saves the day…”

Anya and Stella as Huntress and Power Girl

PS – Tom Bancroft, the lead animator from Pocohantas and Mulan, saw a photo of John’s daughters Anya and Stella dressed as Huntress and Power Girl (left), and thought they were cute. So, unbeknownst to the Marcotte family, he drew them as Disney girls and sent them his original drawing (right).

Interestingly enough, this is the very same photo we saw that led us to connect with John in the first place.