This morning, our friends from The Illustionists tweeted the above image with the following caption… “Bastion of journalism The Daily Mail devotes a whole article to Kate Middleton’s few strands of grey hair #beautymyth.” Allow us to point out that the Daily Mail’s photo editor even went to the trouble of adding red “look here” circles to really highlight the apparent issue lurking below Kate’s royal half-pony. When a digital microscope is put on the underside of a woman’s hair to expose her… GASP… grey to the world, you know we’ve reached a new beauty policing low.

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After our eye-opening Twitter chat, we were curious how the British newspaper’s Ruth Styles could spin such nonsense into a full feature story, so we took a look. Her article title – “Kate shows off a silver streak: Duchess of Cambridge’s stylish up-do inadvertently reveals a glimpse of grey” – and first three paragraphs alone, offer a clear picture of the kind of something-out-of-nothing sensationalism she was striving for…

She’s famous for her glossy chestnut locks but it seems that pregnancy has been taking its toll on the Duchess of Cambridge’s beauty regime.

Touring the West Midlands with her hair in an elegant half-up hairstyle, a glimpse of grey could be seen peeping from beneath the knot holding it in place.

Of course, this is not the first time the 33-year-old royal has been snapped showing off a silver streak, with the most recent sighting coming early in January during a shopping trip.

The article then goes on to presume that “Part of the reason for the spate of recent silver sightings is her second pregnancy…” Or, and we know this might sound CRAZY, perhaps the Duchess just doesn’t feel like dyeing her hair or could care less or doesn’t even know she has grey hair because its on the back of her head under layers of other hair!

Adding a dash of journalism to her piece, Ruth threw in quotes from a couple of celebrity stylists about hair dyeing options for mothers-to-be, while offering basic info on the toxicity levels of certain hair dyes in relation to pregnancy. And it just goes on and on for fourteen – YES FOURTEEN – more paragraphs from there.

It gives us grey hair just thinking about the kind of high def scrutiny that women, especially those in the public eye, have to endure today. So in solidarity with the Duchess, those of us on the WYSK team who have grey decided to show off how we rock our silver streaks… inclusive of intentionally cartoonish, red “look here” circles! PS – For the record, none of us are avoiding dye because we’re pregnant.


We showed you ours, so now show us yours… #showusyoursilverstreak!