“We fight tirelessly to close the wage gap, but what about the price gap?” This is the question our friends over at GIRLTALK HQ have taken on in their new campaign for price parity and to get the Pink Tax banned in Canada.

According to a recent study conducted by Toronto-based ParseHub, Canadian women pay an average of 43 percent more for services and products than men pay for comparable items, known as the Pink Tax, which can add up to almost $2,000 per year.

To illustrate this price inequality, GIRLTALK HQ worked with a local Toronto coffee shop and charged women more than men for a cup of coffee, capturing their priceless reactions on video. It’s a simple example to bring home an important point… “We’re not ok with paying more for coffee, so why are we ok with paying more for anything else?”

“Everyone seems to be looking to Canada as a leader to do the right thing,” said Asha Dahya Founder and Editor-in-Chief, GIRLTALK HQ. “The ripple effect of a country such as Canada standing up and banning this unjust tax on women could have an impact globally on this practice.”

In an effort to raise further awareness GIRLTALKHQ is asking Canadians to join their petition to #FightPinkTax. Once they reach 20,000 supporters, Asha and her team plans to present a formal appeal to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Minister of Status of Women, Patty Hajdu asking for the Pink Tax be banned. Learn more here.