In April 2015, the Coxless Crew, a team of four courageous women, set out on an unsupported row across the Pacific Ocean from America to Australia in a 29 foot boat called Doris. Determined to raise funds for wounded servicewomen and breast cancer survivors, while making history, the women began their expedition in San Francisco. Filmmaker Sarah Moshman captured their record-setting 8,446-mile journey to Cairns in the powerful, must-see documentary, Losing Sight Of Shore.

The four original Coxless Crew members included Laura Penhaul (team lead), Emma Mitchell, Natalia Cohen, and Isabel Burnham. They were joined by reserve members Lizanne van Vuuren and Meg Dyos as unexpected challenges surfaced.

The team’s row was an unsupported three-stage row. Stops, which were made in Hawaii and Samoa, lasted approximately seven days, giving them time to restock the boat, repair and replenish supplies, and to swap in one team member (due to personal reasons Isabel rowed just the first leg, and then Lizanne tagged in for the second, and Meg for the third at each stop point).

Coxless Crew row team

According to their site, “This route has only ever been completed by solo and pairs teams, never has it been done by a team of four and never has it been done as a continuous three-stage row.”

Coxless Crew row route

As they rowed over 8,000 miles during their nine months at sea across the world’s largest ocean, each member of the Coxless Crew, who ranged in age from 25 – 40, faced extreme mental and physical challenges that they had to overcome in order to finish what they started.

In Losing Sight Of Shore, Sarah, an unofficial, but integral Coxless Crew member, tells the team’s inspiring story, a story “of perseverance, friendship, and the power of the human spirit.” The film delivers an important message to which almost anyone can relate… “Everyone has a Pacific to cross.”

Coxless Crew row boat

In addition to making history, the Coxless Crew embarked on this extraordinary adventure to raise awareness and funds for women who face extreme adversity, specifically wounded servicewomen and breast cancer survivors. The money they continue to raise benefits Walking with the Wounded, the UK’s first ever fund dedicated to injured servicewomen, and Breast Cancer Care, the only UK-wide charity providing specialist support and tailored information for anyone affected by breast cancer.

Losing Sight Of Shore is now available on Netflix worldwide.

About The Filmmaker

Sarah Moshman is an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker and TEDx speaker dedicated to telling inspiring stories that showcase strong female role models on screen. Losing Sight of Shore is her second feature-length documentary. Her first was The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things (2014), which has been screened over 400 times around the US and around the world by schools, groups, and organizations, including us… to a sold-out audience of WYSK readers.