Through her new PSA titled “Boys Will Be Boys”, award-winning filmmaker Gloria Morán casts a giant spotlight on the gender roles that are often dictated at home, and the profound impact they can have on boys and girls. The powerful narrative, written with Kimberly Bautista, allows the viewer to listen in on the thoughts of a “young father who wants to make changes for his daughter’s future.”

“Being a man is about challenging the script that was handed down to us. And I especially don’t want you, mi hija, to grow up in a world where you will be told, ‘Boys, will be boys.'”

“Boys Will Be Boys” is part of DIS…MISS, a multi-genre, public visual art experience, with media and performing arts components, addressing fantasies and realities of gender polarization in local and mass media, featuring commissioned works from 20 outstanding L.A. visual artists ranging from video, print, signage, billboards, performances, and more.

The PSA was made in collaboration with Justice for My Sister, the award-winning documentary film that gave rise to a transnational campaign to promote healthy relationships and denounce gender-based violence and femicide/feminicide.