When I was a kid, I was often described as a “tomboy.” I liked to use my brother’s LEGO bricks to build and create structures and characters. Problem was, bro would have a fit if I even touched any of his things, let alone play with them. So I was forced to do what any sassy little sister would do… steal them.

Eventually bro busted me, red-LEGO-handed, and ratted me out to Mom. Happily, Mom, a woman before her time, who never squelched my desire to play with atypical “girl” toys (Hot Wheels, dad’s tools, etc.), bought me my very own LEGO set. Thanks, Mom! Of course bro then asked to use my new tricked out LEGO bricks to which I happily responded, “NO!”

Thinking about this and my childhood love of LEGO, I was inspired to share some ideas on how adults (a.k.a us BIG KIDS) can “play” with the colorful, plastic, building bricks in useful and unexpected ways.

5 Cool Ways To Use LEGO Bricks For Grown-Up Crafting And DIY Projects:

  1. lego kitchen utensil holderStuck on picking out your kid’s room color? Pull from the LEGO color chart for a single color or palette! With LEGO bricks, color chips are “built” right in.
  2. If you have trouble imagining or drawing out a room layout, use LEGO bricks to create a visual 3D plan-view!
  3. Stack together LEGO bricks to make greeting card, photo, or table card place-holders. With the diversity of LEGO colors, matching a party theme color is easy.
  4. Get your kid excited about organizing by building their own custom made LEGO boxes for pens, art supplies, jewelry, etc. But don’t let the kiddos have all the organizing fun… build your own colorful, mod kitchen utensil holder while you’re at it.
  5. Build a LEGO cork or magnet board for holding school work, reminder notes, invitations, etc. It’s as easy as glue, press, “click” and stick!

Did You Know?

The name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt,” meaning “play well.” Ironically, LEGO creators later realize it also means “I put together,” in Latin.

So in true LEGO spirit, here’s to playing well and putting together your world!

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