Untangling a knotted ball of holiday lights – a true test of patience and character, especially if you think no one is watching. I shamefully admit to completely losing my cool last night when I got into a fist fight with a 100 count string of lights, and lost, but only after cursing up a sh** storm that led to me damning the entire holiday season and chucking the lights in the trash.

While I may have to work on my de-tangling skills (and take an anger management class) I totally have hanging holiday decorations down to a science. The thing about hanging something temporarily is to do it securely, but without marring whatever surface you’re hanging to, and easily removing it once the season is over. Here are the tips and products I’ve come up with, sans cursing, I promise.

Hang Where Things are Already Hung:

I love taking down wall art and hanging Christmas decorations in their place. The hooks are already there, secured and perfectly positioned. The bonus is when I rehang the art they feel like new again.


BlueStickAdhesive Putty:

Stuff like Fun Tak and Bluestik… this product can stick to almost anything, is reusable, and won’t peel off paint or leave a sticky residue when removing it from the wall (like tape can). I use little balls of it all around the back of vintage Christmas tin plates I hang on the tile wall of my kitchen.


CommandCommand Hanging Products:

This company has a fleet of hooks and clips that are designed for various objects and weight capacities. What’s really trick about them is they’re easy to remove and damage-free. I especially love their gutter clips for lights and window and door hooks for wreaths and such.


Twist Ties and Zip Ties:

I use these little guys for things like wrangling loose cords together to neaten them up or strapping down garland to a wrought iron railing.


OOKOOK Hanging Products:

This hanging hardware is the real deal. I have a 75lb mirror hanging in my home with one of these hooks. They do use steel nails, BUT they leave a pin size hole that can easily be filled in with a dab of paint.


Using these products and tips to hang and remove decorations will help keep the holiday season a jolly one. Happy decorating, y’all!

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