This week’s my 4th and final installment of the Top 15 Ways to Get Your Home in Shape for 2016! I’d like to culminate this series where we end each day… in the BEDROOM.

Think about this statistic… we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That means approximately 33.3% of the time spent in our home is in the bedroom! It’s there that we dress, sleep, dream, cuddle, have sex, and biologically rejuvenate every cell in our body.

This room matters, wouldn’t you say? Yet this space is most often the one that’s lowest on our makeover list. For many of us it’s the room we shut the door to when guests come over, hiding an unmade bed and piles of clothes on the floor… and bed… and chair.

So this week let’s find out how to turn your boring, abandoned bedroom into the beautiful boudoir it’s supposed to be!

Counting from last week’s tips 9 – 11 to improve your garage, here are 4 ways to shape up your bedroom!

Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Bedroom

12. Let there be NO light


Even with our eyes closed, our brains can sense the tiniest beam of light in a room. Light triggers our brain’s “awake” response, so for golden slumber black is definitely best. Also, well appointed light fixtures and lamps can give you a comfortable reading light yet create a calming and romantic ambiance when you want it. Check out these options on creating optimal bedroom lighting and darkness.

  • Hang blackout blinds and window treatments. For totally dark rooms use blackout drapery over a blackout shade and add a blackout cornice that prevents light seepage from that space above the window frame.
  • Instead of table lamps, free up space on your nightstand and add wall sconce(s) for directed light when reading in bed. There’s no need to add new electric boxes for the fixtures either. Many sconces are plug-in and come with a cord cover, often in the same finish as the sconce. If you want to minimize the cord as much as possible, use a paintable cord cover and paint it the same color as the wall.
  • Serene and romantic lighting can easily be added to a room by hanging string-lights in an artistic way. Try draping them around a window or a high headboard. My new favorite is hanging a wall tapestry of light! Here’s how to make one:
    • Install a decorative curtain rod on the desired section of wall.
    • Drape string lights from the rod, in a whimsical pattern.
    • Hang a patterned drapery sheer over the lights and rod, creating the rod pocket by sealing the fold to the back of the sheer with Transparent Double Sided Bonding Fabric Tape.

13. Care for the Air

lavender spray

  • The health benefits of higher levels of oxygen in our air are well documented. Indoor plants not only add oxygen to the air but also purify it. In the bedroom add a few Snake Plants a.k.a. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. This plant in particular converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, at night.
  • Lavender is noted as having a calming effect on the body, making it an herbal sleep inducer. Before going to sleep, spray your linens with this DIY Lavender Linen Spray recipe. In a small spray bottle mix:
    • 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol or vodka
    • 10 drops of essential lavender oil
    • 6 tablespoons of water
  • Wash all of your bed coverings and dust the headboard and surrounding areas of the bed regularly. Keeping dust and dust mites at a minimum where we sleep will foster better breathing and sounder sleep.

14. Get Grounded

bedroom interior

An ungrounded space that creates mental chaos works against our brain’s ability to shutdown and sleep. Here are several ways to create a grounded, calm energy in your bedroom.

  • Clutter, bright and harshly contrasting colors, mirrors and sharp objects facing the bed—these types of things are all NO-NOs for creating a space of relaxation.
  • A solid wall behind your bed will help you feel safe and supported while sleeping. Ideally you should not sleep under a window. If you must, add a tall headboard for better bed grounding.
  • Painting the wall behind your bed a darker color than the rest of the room can also create a grounding affect.
  • Put your bed as far from any doors as possible, especially the bedroom entry door.
  • Unplug! The less electronics in your bedroom, the more restful the environment.

15. Sounds of Silence for Sound Sleep

Tired sleepy woman

A noisy bedroom will subconsciously disrupt our sleep stages and can even prevent us from entering the Delta stage, the most restorative of all. Other than using unsightly industrial soundproofing and acoustical absorption products getting a bedroom silenced in a noisy environment (like the city) can be daunting. Here are the best sound reducing tips I can give you.

  • Add a soundproofing door bottom and saddle/threshold as well as weather stripping around your door frame to silence sounds from creeping in to (and out of) the bedroom door.
  • Sound reducing triple-pane windows are an effective but costly way to reduce street noise from entering into your bedroom. Happily there are noise-reducing curtains on the market, but shop for ones that really back up their claims like Quiet Curtains™.
  • Using earplugs and playing white noise or nature sound tracks are subtle ways to muffle sounds from a partner that snores or a noisy neighbor.

I personally would be happiest sleeping in a nicely ventilated, well-appointed cave. Dark, quiet, calm… I’d get the sleep of the dead.

Lastly, there’s no substituting a good mattress. A well-supported head, body and spine will change your life for the better in more ways than I can write about. If your mattress is lumpy in all the wrong places or slumps in the middle so badly it can double as a kiddie pool, do yourself a favor and invest in the best bed you can afford. You’re worth it!

There you have it, my dears. Fifteen solid shape-up tips to use through out your home (kitchen, bathroom, garage, bedroom) that will set you up for success and wellness for this year and many years to come!

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