“I bought a condo with popcorn ceilings. The concrete under the popcorn is slabs. I am told that the seam will always show, if  the popcorn is removed and the ceiling glazed and then painted. My contractor is suggesting to gyproc the whole ceiling. Is there a special silicon or caulking that can be sanded and painted, and that will not let the seam show thru the paint? …. or is gyproc the only answer?” – WYSK Reader Claudette Erich

NV: Hi Claudette! When it comes to popcorn over concrete, I have to agree with your contractor.

sheetrock_compoundFirst, it’s highly likely the concrete joints, or seams as you say, will eventually show. There is a product called SHEETROCK® Brand Easy Sand™ Lightweight Setting-Type Joint Compound that’s designed to fill cracks and joints in interior concrete, however, if you don’t have the right touch and experience working with this product, the results may be less seamless than you’d like. Furthermore, unless someone is really good at plastering and feathering edges, because the concrete joints are so uniform (as opposed to a random crack here or there), it would be difficult for your eye not to notice the joint fills.

The other point I want to make about filling the joints is with regard to the first aspect of the project – removing the popcorn. It’s a big messy job, which I’ve covered here before, and if the ceiling has been painted, an even bigger job! Furthermore, if the building went up before ’79, it could have asbestos in it.

Now let me take it an annoying step further… even if you were to remove all that popcorn, you’re not guaranteed that the primer, paint, etc. will adhere properly to the concrete. I’ve heard nightmare stories about this – as in even after thorough scraping and cleaning of the popcorn, some strange residue lingers that reacts with whatever you paint over it (perhaps a chemical reaction with the concrete?), resulting in improper adhesion of the paint and ultimately paint flacking.

So here’s my take – leave the damn popcorn alone and cover the whole ceiling! You can use Gyproc, as your contractor has suggested. Know that Gyproc makes many different types of panels so discuss with him which product he’s considering. (Gyproc RhinoBoard For Ceilings is one he may be suggesting.)


Another option is to cover the concrete with good old drywall – this would involve securing furring strips to the ceiling first. It may be a less expensive solution than Gyproc. That said, Gyproc panels, as opposed to straight up drywall, can offer greater sound insulation properties if noise is an issue from the floor above.

Thanks for the question and happy popcorn ceiling makeover!

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