At some point, most homes will experience a loose faucet, especially in the kitchen where handle grabbing and sprayer yanking are a given. Not only annoying, a loose faucet allows splashed water to drip through the sink deck and down into your cabinet, eventually warping wood, and causing mildew.

Over at my girlfriend Deb’s house, I noticed her kitchen faucet doing “the wobble.” A take-charge kinda girl, she expressed her frustration with the repair. “When I’m free to do the repair, no one’s around to hold and center the faucet while I tighten it from underneath” – good point, it’s a way easier job with 2 people. “But the worst part is, I can’t seem to get my wrench high enough under the sink to get to the mounting nut – what’s my problem?” You have no problem, sister, you just don’t have the right tool! Enter the basin wrench.

Funny thing is, Deb has a substantial tool collection, for her cars too, but the basin wrench was foreign to her, and she’s far from alone! With loose faucets and faucet replacements being such common plumbing projects, I need to send out a loud and clear message about the bitchin’ basin wrench!

There is truly no other tool that can effortlessly reach up and grab mounting nuts and water supply lines given the out of reach, tight, and crowded space you have to work with under a sink (even after you’ve cleaned out all your cabinet stuff!). A basin wrench gets a job done that other wrenches and pliers simply can’t.

How a Basin Wrench Works:

Its long thin handle reaches up where you need it (especially when it’s telescoping like the one pictured here), its pivoting jaw flops down in the orientation you need, and the jaw’s teeth grasp the fitting. Then, when turning to unscrew or tighten, the sliding cross handle at the bottom gives you turning power from a remote point, away from all the pipes and lines that are invariably in your way.

Bottom line, a basin wrench is a basic plumbing tool that any DIYer should have who plans on doing plumbing projects.

Now my friend Deb is asking for a basin wrench this Mother’s Day!

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