Friends, whether you’re a pro, a weekend warrior, an aspiring handywoman, or even a seasoned DIYer, it’s critical to keep safety, efficiency and convenience in mind when it comes to tackling any job, big or small, in and around the house. So when I discovered a new “power” tool that addresses all three of those things, it put a spring in my steel toe work boots.

Like the gorillapod did for traditional camera tripods, the Prop Power takes your standard, stiff power strip and makes it bendable and gripable. Why is this a good thing? Because it gives you the reach, flexibility and convenience to prop outlets at the perfect level for any project.

Power Prop 2

It’s a 6-foot extension chord that ends with a flexible, 18 inch gooseneck and 3 outlets. Because of the flex part, you can literally wrap your power source around a table leg, ladder, or sawhorse, as well as prop or clamp it in just about any situation. That means no more climbing up/down ladders or ducking under and around furniture when you need to swap out and plug in a different power tool or electronic gadget mid-chore.

power prop 3

The really interesting part about the Prop Power is that it wasn’t dreamed up in an R&D lab of some big box home improvement brand. It was invented by a regular guy who was frustrated by a real problem… the inconvenience of constantly having to climb up and down his ladder to unplug various tools while working on projects in his garage. I feel his pain, and this is a very common complaint in my hands-on world. So kudos to him for coming up with a great solution.

power prop 4

In full disclosure, I can’t live without my Prop Power. When I first heard about it, on description alone, I got a surge of interest in wanting to take one for a test wrap… so glad I did.

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