Would you just RELAX! Easier said than done, my friends! Practice yoga, meditate, breathe, sure! Or kick back with a glass of scotch, or wine… actually any adult beverage – my usual go-to de-stressor. In honor of today – National Relaxation Day – a holiday that requires no explanation, I’ve decided to inspire  “We The Frazzled” to create an environment in our homes that replicates a place where we typically feel very relaxed.

My number one relaxation inducing, happy-place on earth is on a tropical island, under a palm tree, napping in a hammock that’s gently being rocked by a balmy breeze… perhaps a bit too ambitious to recreate, especially in a studio apartment in Brooklyn… however, my second most relaxing place is at a day spa… and that is a doable place to recreate at home!

So for this Fix-It Friday, I’m showing you how to turn your bathroom into a spa retreat… easily & inexpensively. You can pick and choose from my “fixes” or incorporate all 6. Either way you’ll have the right “tools” to fully to indulge in Relaxation Day… today or any day of the year.

It’s time to shut out the world and say spa-aaaaahhh.

Spa Tub


We all know the benefits of a hot bath – add jets and bubbles, now we’re really talking relaxation! You can turn your ordinary tub into a mini whirlpool with a portable spa device. They’re designed to fit any tub and will recirculate the water with steady calming jets and bubbles.

Toilet Bidet


The positives to using a bidet are many. Besides saving paper and lessening paper waste in sewage treatment plants, water – a universal solvent – cleans better than paper wiping. What’s more, the warm water rinsing and warm air-drying are truly soothing. Today, bidet toilet seats are available to retrofit most elongated toilets and are easy to install by the homeowner.

Towel Warmer

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 6.43.06 AM

There’s something very comforting and luxurious about wrapping yourself with a warm towel or robe. There are attractive freestanding towel warmers that simply plug-in for under $100 – no need to wall mount or hardwire them!


aromtherapy diffuser

Certain scents are known to promote relaxation like lavender, bergamot, and jasmine. Aromatherapy diffusers can be used with these types of natural essential oils. Especially in smaller spaces, like a bathroom, diffusing the air with these scents will do wonders for body and mind.

Light Therapy

light therapy

Lighting can radically change a person’s mood and mindset. Imagine the relaxation you’d feel while watching reflections of the sea calmly dancing on your bathroom ceiling – that’s what the Aurora Master can create in any room of your house!

Sound Therapy

The final touch to a relaxing space is to fill it with soothing sounds from nature. Ocean waves, a waterfall, raindrops, an evening country garden… the choice is yours! Light therapy devices, like the one mentioned here, offer the ability to plug in your iPod and have a built-in mini speakers.

Wishing everyone a stress-free, chill-filled National Relaxation Day! I’ll be sure to raise my glass to all of you… from my spa tub!

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