There are certain products I come across that I just can’t rave enough about. J-B Weld is one of them.

I discovered it while researching an adhesive/epoxy that could withstand HEAT. I needed something to repair our cherished backyard clay chimenea that was beginning to crack in a few places. J-B Weld fixed it! We’ve been enjoying blazing cozy fires in our renewed 20+year-old chimenea for months now and my repairs haven’t budged! Did I mention this epoxy is heat resistant up to 600° F?

Since that time I’ve used it to repair:

  • Metal belt buckle
  • Shoe heel
  • Honeycomb calcite candle cover
  • Concrete garden bench
  • Plastic car storage compartment cover

And now this… a handmade Mexican resin and natural stone tabletop. This beautiful yet delicate coffee-table has had a few too many resting feet on it that have caused some cracks around the edges. One section was actually moving, like a loose tooth!


I turned the table top over, filled in the cracks with J-B Weld, and now it’s PERFECT!

The steps to repairing with this product are easy:

1. Read all instructions first and follow safety precautions.

2. Make sure the crack (repair point) is free from debris, paint, etc. Sand to gently roughen surface. Wipe clean.

3. Squirt equal amounts of each tube (black steel and white hardener) into a disposable mixing receptacle. (Approximate the amount you’ll need for the repair.)


4. Mix until the black and white goo becomes solid grey.


5. Spread the mixture into and over the crack using a small putty or paint knife–even a plastic knife utensil will work. Smooth and feather edges.


6. Let it dry according to instructions. Once dry it can be sanded, if desired.


Now our precious coffee table is stable again, and that “loose tooth” no longer risks cracking off. Gotta love this stuff…

Oh, and no more feet allowed up on this table. Use the damn ottoman!

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