“We are getting ready to go on our family vacation and do you have any good tips to prep your house before you leave? Thanks.” – WYSK Reader Wynonna

NV: Hi Wynonna! Lemme get to your question right away cause it sounds like you’re heading out on your vacay soon… lucky you!!!

The most important thing I do when I leave for a stretch is turn off the water-main running to the interior of the house (tell me if you don’t know where it is). Be sure not to shut water to the exterior sprinklers, cause you’d come back to a crispy lawn! Shutting off water can prevent major flooding should your pipes/hoses spring a leak while you’re away sipping Pina Coladas on a floatie!

It’s summer so raise the thermostat to about 90, but don’t shut it completely–if it gets hot enough this could potentially damage fabrics/products/woods/etc. Lower water heater temp too–some water heaters actually have a vacation setting.

Clean out fridge of any perishables and raise the temp to its warmest setting.

Unplug completely any electronics or appliances that you don’t need running–aka “energy vampires.”

Lastly, and this is more of a safety thing… don’t let mail/newspapers accumulate at the house and plug in a couple light timers to go on and off randomly so the house doesn’t look vacant.

Enjoy your trip!

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