“Apple of my eye…” “An apple a day…” “A bad apple…” The apple is notably the most sited fruit in expressions and idioms, but not the most eaten… that would be the banana (in the USA, anyway)… and the focus of this week’s Fix-it Friday!

Apples are commercially grown in over half the States, which makes this fruit a locally grown gem! Apple pies, turnovers, tarts… candied apples, baked, caramel… you can really go bananas over apples!

In addition to all the tasty treats, there’s a wonderful way to enjoy apples and bring autumn sights and scents into your home… enter homemade apple candles!

Apple candles are super easy to make and can stand alone, in a grouping, or part of an arrangement. Plus, when burning, they send a sweet seasonal scent throughout the space.

To risk comparing apples to oranges from a previous organic candle-making Fix-It Friday column (hee hee), here’s another fun and fruity DIY project for you.

How To Make Apple Candles

1. Get some colorful apples, as flat bottomed as you can find.

2. Pull out the stem.

3. On the top of the apple, use a marker to trace the diameter of the candle you want to use (tea-light, votive, or stick).


4. Use a pairing knife to cut out what you’ve traced, then use a spoon to scoop out the flesh to the depth you need. (Photographed here, I went the depth of the tea-light so it sits flush. Note: Err on the smaller side of your cut; you can always go bigger if needed! If you use a taller candle, make sure to go deep enough to stabilize it.

5. Stick your candle in the opening and finesse the cut if necessary for the right fit.

Norma_apple_4In my arrangement I used pressed leaves and yard clippings of pinecones and baby pomegranates. Then I added cinnamon sticks and sprinkled cinnamon in the apple hole so when the tea-light heats up it smells like I have an apple pie baking in the oven!

These apple candles last a few days to over a week, depending on ambient temps and fruit freshness.

As with any candle, don’t leave it unattended or burning on a susceptible surface.

There you have a beautiful and fragrant autumn DIY project, all for under a few bucks. How to you like them apples!

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