From crafts to renovation, I’m always on the hunt for fun, inexpensive, and eco-friendly DIY projects that yield great results. My latest project search was motivated by two factors – I’m a total candle junky but I hate spending mucho dinero to support my habit. Have you seen the price of “healthy” candles – 100% beeswax and cotton wick ($25 and up) – or luxury bougie parfume candles like Jo Malone (up to $450)? Talk about burning money…

Friends, a beautiful and all natural candle that will burn for 6 hours is yours for the making, and for under 2 dollars. All you need is an ordinary orange and some olive oil!

Here’s how to make your own luxury candle with a little DIY zest:

  • Find a medium to large thick peel orange and slice it around the center circumference, cutting only through the peel.
  • Separate the whole orange flesh from the peel by gently sliding your fingers down between the peel and the flesh, turning the orange as you go to liberate the flesh.
  • Carefully pull off each peel half, leaving the central column still attached on one half (that thin pulpy center strand) – this “stem” will act as the wick. Set aside the whole orange flesh to eat later.
  • Pour an inexpensive olive oil over the wick until it fills the peel about halfway.
  • Cut an opening on the other peel half to create a windshield lid. You can cut the opening in a fun shape like a heart or star…
  • Put the candle on a heat and oil safe surface (after a few hours a bit of orange oil residue may occur under it).
  • Light the wick – it will take several seconds for it to catch.
  • Enjoy the orange glow and the gentle orange scent…

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PS – And I know this goes without saying, but just remember to never leave a burning candle unattended.

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