Hi Norma, Just installed a new shower door. It works well but slides back a little bit. Could you please tell me how to adjust or fix this problem? Thanks! – WYSK Reader Deborah

NV: Hi Deborah! Bravo on installing the new sliding shower doors! I see in your video, though, that once in the closed position, the door “magically” slides open on its own. Here’s what we can do to fix that!

First, let me say, if a professional installer was used, it would be up to him/her to make that right before leaving the job.

Folks should personally test any windows, doors, drawers, etc.  BEFORE the installer leaves to make sure things are sliding, swinging, pivoting, closing, locking, etc. the way they should.

As for your shower doors, it sounds like a level issue—the door slides back because it’s out of level.

For the fix…

Pretty much all sliding doors (bypass closet doors, glass sliding doors, and, of course, shower doors) have a way to adjust the rollers. The trick is to find where and how to make that adjustment.

shower_door_rollerOn shower doors, typically the rollers will be on a hanger bracket that has a few holes in it or a long angled slot. Depending on where you position the roller in these holes or slot will adjust the height of the door. Your shower will have these brackets or some other set-up, but which ever the case may be, there will be a way to adjust the roller.

In your case, because the door slides open, you’ll need to either raise the back of the door, or lower the front of the door (that should be hitting the rubber stop in the closed position) by changing the position of the roller. It may take a little hit-and-miss until you get the door to sit level and properly seated in the track.

You can similarly adjust closet doors that don’t slide right or often come out of track.

Bonus Tip: Sliding glass patio doors will have a hole to adjust the wheels at the bottom of the door where you can insert an allenwrench or screwdriver. Poke around until you find the opening  (usually on the lower frame of the door, near the wheel, or on the bottom of the door, above the glide where the door sits in the track).

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.21.50 AM

Deborah, I’m happy working to make sure you door closes properly. Shower doors that leak cause considerable water damage over time!

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