Here’s something we think Democrats and Republicans can all agree on… First Lady Michelle Obama is a fashion icon. Compliments of the signature looks she’s rocked on the world stage, her style influence has touched everything from hair styles and arm workouts, to gloves, coats, sweaters, dresses and gowns. But now, there’s even a $146 bra that credits its creation to her.

Kiersten Ballman, owner of Coup de Foudre Lingerie in Washington DC, took to Twitter on Friday to announce the latest addition to her offerings – the “first lady” bra inspired by Michelle Obama – and it’s already “flying out of” her store (she reportedly sold 11 in one day).

According to its Belgian manufacturer, PrimaDonna, the $146, royal blue bra equipped with a “specialized cup for fuller-busted women” was “inspired by [Michelle Obama’s] sense of elegance and fashion.”

So in other words, there’s no connection to FLOTUS, and this is just a lame marketing ploy to get women to buy a high-priced bra.

This could not be more wrong in every which way…

h/t The Hill