In a new series of portraits entitled Fort Ord: Beauty, artist Logan Norton photographed a diverse group of more than 100 women to explore modern concepts of femininity that reach “beyond stereotypical representations of women, to embrace a larger reality.”

All of the images were taken at the abandoned Fort Ord military base in Marina, CA. As a portrait photographer, Logan was intrigued by the idea of putting people, especially women, into this rugged and dilapidated, yet beautiful setting. His initial plan was to photograph women in what he describes as “very traditional feminine attire,” such as white linen dresses, soft, flowing materials, etc., but quickly realized this was “feeding into a stereotype I was uncomfortable with.”

We were both intrigued by Logan’s creative process and curious about what inspired him to create something genuine, instead of what is expected. He told WYSK, “I recognize my own tendency toward these stereotypes, but at the same time, I have always harbored a desire to show a much more ‘real’ view of the world than what I see in a lot of today’s popular photography.”

“I seek to present the best version of people in a way that is genuine and doesn’t involve large amounts of alteration…”

As women and girls continue to be inundated with images of female bodies, most of which have been manipulated to present impossible beauty standards, we need to see more authentic representations of women like these. Logan says, “I feel like there is a level of blame that ‘creatives’ need to accept for contributing to the incredibly unrealistic and unachievable images that are out there, and I am determined to present a counter-balance to this tendency.”

Logan told us that he considers himself a feminist… “I stand up for women’s rights as strongly as I do for the rights of all other underprivileged sectors of society. For years I have identified myself as a Justice Crusader, not as some sort of superhero but as someone who seeks to expend his energy drawing attention to the injustices that exist within our society.”

Fort Ord: Beauty represents all of those things for Logan. “I seek to present the best version of people in a way that is genuine and doesn’t involve large amounts of alteration, and I think this project helped me to solidify this desire even further.”

Logan has launched a crowd-funding campaign to create a book featuring images from the project, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the No More Tears project, a non-profit that provides all forms of assistance to women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Here are a few of our favorite shots from the series, you can check out more here.