We love teachers, especially those who think way out the box in showing kids how much fun learning can be. So we were super psyched when we came across this video on Facebook (click twice on the lead image above to view) from fourth grade teacher Nadine Ebri, who helped her class turn a long division lesson into a rap song.

“I always heard that teachers dreaded teaching long division!” Nadine wrote on Facebook. “Well, not anymore! My students made this song up! They’re seriously the most crunk class ever!”

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Nadine explained that while she was teaching her students about the steps to a long division problem, a student began to beat. “I assume that I was repeating the steps in a way that made it sound ‘rap-like.’ We then turned it into a song.”

Though the video Nadine said she hopes to inspire other teachers to find ways to relate to their students. “Only then will they reach their students in an effective way.”