Ahhh, the female nipple… always the center of attention and ongoing controversy in social media, on television, on the streets and even on Women You Should Know.

Fed up with the hypocritical contradictions and frustrated by the inequality women face when it comes to baring our breasts publicly, actress and director Lina Esco decided to take action, and Free The Nipple, the film and social movement were born.

Based on a true story, the feature film follows a group of fearless women challenging societal taboos and fighting for their right to go topless in public, taking their crusade for gender equality from the streets to the courts.

“You can sell guns and show beheadings on Facebook, but you can’t show a female nipple.”

Yesterday, a new trailer for the film was released, and to our surprise, all of the bare nipples had been blurred out. The irony wasn’t lost on us, and we wondered if it was part of the marketing campaign or just the bare reality of media censorship. So, we reached out and connected with Lina to find out, and to talk more about the film and her mission to Free The Nipple.

We were slightly disappointed to learn that the censorship of the new trailer isn’t part of a clever marketing plan. They were forced to play by the same rules of the game the film aims to fight. “Unfortunately, if you want to be on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, it has to be censored, there’s no other way,” Lina explained. “There is some kind of artistic poetry to that though, which I really like.”

As issues go, many people argue that there are more important things to be passionate about than women’s nipples. Lina shoots back, “Free The Nipple is a way for us to shine a light on other areas of inequality that women face around the world. It’s a way to engage people and get a conversation started. If I did a movie called ‘Equality,’ nobody would be talking about it.”


Here’s the uncensored version…

Opening in theaters and VOD December 12th. For more info click here. For updates follow on Facebook and Twitter