Since its November 2013 release, Disney’s Frozen has broken box office records, delivered a chart topping hit song, produced mountains of merchandise, and, just two weeks ago, inspired legions of Elsa and Anna clad trick-or-treaters to descend upon neighborhoods across America. So just when we thought there was nothing left to freeze, comes the creepiest byproduct of Frozen hysteria… the Close Sisters Bras.

close sisters bras_2With a name that is a clear nod to the sibling stars of Frozen, sisters Elsa and Anna, here’s what’s special about this pair of bras created by a Japanese lingerie manufacturer: aside from having a bizarre, sheer capelet attached to the back, they can change color/pattern, one going from black with white polka dots, and the other from black with white hearts, to a Queen Elsa-esque wintery cascade of blue snowflakes on white.

Now for the creepy kicker… in order to make the presto-chango magic happen you have to touch the fabric (an electronic paper of sorts) of the bra you’re wearing to the fabric of its match or sister bra that someone else, like your friend or SISTER, is wearing!

Is your mouth agape, frozen with disbelief… or horror?

Triumph, the bra maker, says all of Japan was moved by the film Frozen and its depiction of “sisters helping each other and becoming more confident.” So with the Close Sisters Bras they claim to be “honoring the bonds women form between one another.”

Did your brain just freeze a little as you tried desperately to comprehend that magical spin?

Oh yeah, and according to RocketNews24, they also come with two sets of heart-shaped pads that can be used separately or together depending on the type of cleave boost you and your SISTER want. “The larger is marked with the kanji character for ‘big sister,’ (?), and the smaller with the one for ‘little sister’ (?).”

Are we supposed to interpret “big” and “little” as literal in regard to size, or biological?


PS – We pulled all the product images from the launch video, and seamed the lead together so you could get the full effect.