Are you a fan of Frozen and Orange Is The New Black? Well then, this is for you…actually, you don’t really need to be a fan of either to be thoroughly entertained by this new mashup, created by animator and comedian Leigh Lahav.

As the story goes… Elsa must serve time in princess prison for freezing the kingdom of Arendelle. She’s joined by fellow Disney princess inmates including Ariel, Mulan and Belle.  According to Leigh, the other princesses landed in jail due to the following brushes with the law…

Ariel: Accomplice in murder
Pocahontas: Political protest
Merida: Attempted murder
Mulan: Fraud (Impersonation)
Snow White: Work without a permit violation
Rapunzel: Murder
Belle: Accomplice in murder/Beast-iality
Not sure what Tiana, Jasmin AND Cinderella did. But it’s probably horrible just like the rest!

Oh… be sure you stick it out till the end… priceless!

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