Are women less funny than men? Whether you agree or not, it’s a notion that seems to be of great debate and one which continues to surface time and time again. While comedy is subjective, there’s no denying that there has been a lack of funny women on TV, in film and on the comedy circuit through the years. The idea that women aren’t funny or that men are funnier seems pretty laughable to us. More than ever, female comedians are pushing the boundaries and making us laugh while dishing out the jokes blowing past these misconceptions. These fun and genuinely funny Women You Should Know are doing just that.


Allison Goldberg and Jen JamulaYale graduates, Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula are the co-creators of the New York based comedy group Blogologues, an integration of stage performance with the digital world.

To find their material, they scour the internet for interesting and trending blogs, tweets, open forums, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, etc. and recontextualize them by bringing the digital stories to life on stage. The actors perform the words verbatim remaining true to the original content, but put their own personal spin on the rest, resulting in side-splitting hilarity. By taking the internet to the stage, Allison and Jen are bringing people together through something that typically keeps us apart… they call it “resocializing social media”.

Since the launch of Blogologues in 2011, the concept has been extended to include podcasts and webisodes. If you want to catch a live show, you can check out their schedule here or follow them on Facebook.

Four Funny Females

(L-R) Jodi Hadsell, Sherry Belle, Linda Stogner, Laura BartlettFounded by Laura Bartlett, Four Funny Females, the award-winning, all-female stand up comedy tour, began in 2006 as a grass-roots effort to “get women laughing again”, and has since become a sort of Ya-Ya Sisterhood for women who would normally never walk into a comedy club. The New York Times proclaims, “If you’re longing for the sisterhood lost by the departure of Oprah, then get found here.”

Laura, the daughter of a prominent surgeon, realized quickly that she wasn’t cut out for “sick people” and leapt into the world of stand-up comedy. Laura’s fellow comics, Jodi Hadsell, Sherry Belle, Linda Stogner, are all professional women who make their living off stage as an IT consultant, marketing executive, and an Emmy award winning filmmaker.

These ladies draw from personal experiences and observations from everyday life that make them laugh, each bringing a unique comic sensibility to the stage that’s quirky, relatable, edgy and painfully funny. Jodi’s geek chic is the yin to Sherry’s southern charm yang. Laura’s blonde ambition prepares audiences to blast off to Linda’s off-kilter planet of talking squirrels, flying dogs and other strange happenings. All of which come together in harmony on stage, creating an atmosphere that is intimate and connected.

Four Funny Females perform their 90 minute show at the McKinney Performing Arts Center in Texas. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Girls Only, The Secret Comedy of Women

Barbara Gehring & Linda Klein Photo by Terry ShapiroWritten by Barbara Gehring and Linda Klein, Girls Only is an original comedy that celebrates the “honor, truth, humor and silliness of being female”. With a two-woman cast and an all female audience, the show is a unique examination of all things girly.

Born out of the earnest writings the two authors discovered in their childhood diaries, the show is a mix of sketch comedy, improv, audience participation, songs and videos. No feminine topic is off limits, they cover teenage diaries, breast feeding, tampons, pantyhose, menstrual cycles, slumber parties, menopause and maxi pads to name a few. What transpires is an evening down memory lane and a reminder that underneath all of our individual personalities, women have charming similarities.

The two roles in the show are performed by Gehring and Klein, as well as Amie MacKenzie and Allison Watrous.

Check the Girls Only website to find a performance near you.