Leslie Knope calls it “only the best day of the year!” We think so too. This Galentine’s Day – well, every day! – “ladies celebrate ladies” at Women You Should Know. Say, “I’m in!” Scream, “Heck, yeah!” Celebrate women supporting women by contributing to the survival of our organization, mission, and community!

Here’s how… in 3 WYSKy, love-fueled, meaning-filled ways:

1. Pledge Your Support

Show your love and appreciation for the work we do by supporting us with a one-time pledge. Together, we can ensure that the triumphs and struggles of women have our powerful platform through 2019 and beyond. We can no longer survive without outside funding.

2. Lace Up And Step Forward

Shoelaces, yes, but also a herald of empowerment. Each style of our (em)POWER™Laces – 6 in all – features power-packed words punctuated by our signature woman symbol. It’s a product with a purpose, designed to define and inspire you. And… your purchase directly supports the work we do.

3. Wear Your Strength Heart

Women are a powerful combination of STRENGTH and HEART. Each tee and sweatshirt in our limited edition collection brings that to life.  Get something for yourself… as a declaration of what you’re made of. Gift something to a woman you know… as a celebration of what you admire about her. Know… it’s a wearable way to support us.