With our ever growing obsession with all things tech, it is no surprise that fashion has become influenced by it as well. Designers have been finding inspiration in digital programs, code, circuit boards, wires, flash drives and other computer parts, creating wearable fashion for those who want to express their inner geek chic.

Here are some designs that will make any gadget junkie swoon.


On/Off Icon Pendant takes tech jewelry to a whole new level. It’s crafted with a circuit board, a battery cavity and the ability to pulsate with a bright white glow like the real thing would do on a sleeping laptop. $75

binary code bracelet

Binary Code Bracelet by Karla Wheeler Design has the saying or quote of your choice translated into binary code and photo etched on copper. Sayings are limited to 70 characters including spaces. $70

waveform rings

Waveform Series, by conceptual jewelry artist Sakurako Shimizu, consists of customized laser-cut shapes of various sounds, rendered in silver or gold. Sakurako records a sound on her computer, takes a picture of the soundwave and uses a laser to cut the waveform into her jewelry designs. The pictured wedding bands feature the design of the sound of a couple whispering “I do”. Price upon request.

circuit board pendant green

Circuit Board Pendant features an emerald and dark green circuit board that was cut and shaped into a circle. The circuitry rests in a sterling silver bezel cup and is covered in a layer of glossy, domed resin. $38


Cirkuita Band Ring by Milan based designer Paola Mirai, combines acrylic with parts from a recycled Mac keyboard. $125

USB earrings

USB Port Earrings, a simple, elegant symbol etched into acrylic a triangle, a square and a circle… Really now though, if you want to show of your geek a bit, these earrings are a perfect and understated way to do that! $8.50

rainbow bracelet

Rainbow Computer Ribbon Bracelet, data connection computer cables are transformed into this durable, colorful wrist cuff. $12

Lead photo courtesy of Paola Mirai