Space, science, grammar, books, etc… whatever fuels curiosity is a very good thing, in our estimation. That’s why we’re suckers for geek-tastic and nerd-vicious goodies, especially when they’re made by smart, creative women. Here are 9 we dig!

lolipops geek gift

Vintage Confections Original Planet Lollipops® by Heather Kelly. Sold as a set of 10 planets/flavors that include: Sun (marshmallow), Mercury (tropical punch), Venus (cherry), Earth (cotton candy), Mars (pear), Jupiter (key lime), Saturn (guava), Uranus (blackberry), Neptune (mango) and Pluto (strawberry/kiwi)

beaker earrings geek gift

Science tube stud earrings handmade by Niki of Caramela Handmade

book geek gift

“Books Are My Happy Place” – yellow or white hand lettered notebook, 80 pages by Hafsah Faizal of Icey Designs

resist sweatshirt geek gift

ReSiST Long Sleeve Light Hoodie by Periodically Inspired, founded by WYSK Courtney Church


Handmade mug featuring original hand lettering and illustrated design by Kathy Weller of Kathy Weller Art

ada lovelace pin geek gift

Ada Lovelace Silhouette Lapel Pin by Lauren Goldberg of Auberg Designs

nasa lego box geek gift

Women of NASA LEGO set by geochemist Dr. Ellen Kooijam for LEGO

socks geek gift

“Fuck off, i’m reading” socks from woman-founded Blue Q Socks

coloring book geek gift

“Life Under The Lens: A Scientific Colouring Book” by Jennifer Delaney