On the heels of Target’s decision to do away with gender-based signage in a number of aisles across its stores, another big box retailer is doing just the opposite. Hobby Lobby, you know the national arts and crafts retail chain that, compliments of a June 2014 Supreme Court decision, gets to skirt the law and doesn’t have to offer female employees all FDA-approved contraceptives, is taking genderized marketing to the most absurd level by promoting men-specific wall art.

In a sale currently running in one of its Nashville, TN locations, Hobby Lobby is offering 50% off “Men’s Metal & Wood Decor.” Based on the pictures taken of the in-store signage by one of our WYSK contributors it seems said “man-art” is any framed, hangable or stickable item featuring comics characters, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the like. So while women and girls are used to getting excluded from this merchandise category, as she said, “Sorry boys, even YOU lose out here, because apparently men are the only ones who like Sci-Fi and superheroes…”