When we heard about Georgia Pellegrini two thoughts immediately came to mind: “Woman You Should Know” and “badass” (oops… did we say that out loud?). This is a woman who exudes confidence in everything she does, lives how she wants to live, and… eats what she hunts. Seriously! The 30 year old investment banker turned classically trained chef and acclaimed author is a bona fide Girl Hunter. So, it’s fitting that her newest book, which was released yesterday, bears a title with the same curiosity inducing name. We were intrigued by this modern day, female hunter gatherer and can’t wait to read her book.

The self-proclaimed girly girl’s life has taken a circuitous path from the hallowed halls of the uber elite, New York City prep school she attended, to the backwoods of America’s heartland where she now hones her pioneer skills and stalks game while decked in camouflage. Georgia’s new book, “Girl Hunter”, tells how she, a Wellesley College grad, abandoned her job on Wall Street to pursue her lifelong love of cooking and passion for good, simple food.

First she enrolled at the French Culinary Institute, then she went on to work at farm to table restaurants in the U.S. (Gramercy Tavern and Blue Hill at Stone Barns) and France (La Chassagnette), where she cooked, drove heavy farm equipment, and harvested both meat and plants for dinner. It was during all of this when Georgia came to realize that the only way to truly know where our meat comes from is if we hunt it ourselves. So, she bought a shotgun and set her sites on the cutting edge of culinary creativity intent on doing ALL the hard work required to live off the best her own two hands could produce.

Girl HunterAccording to the book’s description, “Girl Hunter” is the story of Georgia’s wild ride into the real world of local, organic, and sustainable food. She trav­els over field and stream in search of the main course – from quail to venison and wild boar, from elk to javelina and squirrel – armed with her culinary knowledge and her shotgun.

Teaming up with veteran hunters, Georgia’s road trip careens from the back of an ATV chasing wild hogs along the banks of the Mississippi to a dove hunt with beer and barbeque, to the birthplace of the Delta Blues. Along the way, she meets an array of unexpected characters – from the Commish, a venerated lifelong hunter, to the lawyer-by day, duck-hunting-Bayou-philosopher at dawn – who offer surprising lessons about food and life. Georgia also discovers the dangerous underbelly of hunting when an outing turns illegal and dangerous. Each chapter of her book concludes with Georgia sharing recipes for various game. How could you not want to read this?

Georgia PellegriniIn a recent interview with the New York Post, Georgia shared, “People think an American hunter is a middle-aged white male who goes off into the woods and tells dirty jokes and shoots things. I don’t fit the traditional profile. I hope when women see me not fitting that stereotype – I’m a girl and I’m very feminine – they will see hunting as more accessible.” The Girl Hunter added, “The food tastes so much better when you’ve hunted it. You’ve been walking in the field for eight hours, and your back aches… the meal itself has a totally different meaning.”

We’re not so sure our vegetarian or vegan friends will be too pleased with this post, but omnivores will certainly delight. Whether you eat meat or choose not to, we can all agree that Georgia is a woman who inspires thinking beyond gender stereotypes, following your true passion in life and being exactly who you want to be.

Watch the official book trailer for “Girl Hunter”.