Millions of girls face barriers to education that boys do not. And, yet, when you educate a girl, you can break cycles of poverty in just one generation. 10×10 is a global campaign to educate and empower girls – working to create a ripple effect that will transform communities for generations. At the center of this campaign is the feature film, Girl Rising, from Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins.

Girl Rising journeys around the globe to shine a spotlight on the stories of unforgettable girls born into unforgiving circumstances. It captures their dreams, their voices, their remarkable lives, and shows the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to change the world.

Women You Should Know will be captaining a New York City screening of the film on March 7th, on the eve of International Women’s Day. For more information about attending, please sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned here for updates!