In celebration of this year’s International Day of the Girl, Girls Who Code, a national non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology, has released SISTERHOOD, “a digital visual album celebrating sisterhood and empowering girls.” This is the music video for their anthemic single, “Ooh Child” a re-work of the Five Stairsteps hit song, ushered in to 2018.

The SISTERHOOD Anthem track brings together Club Mickey Mouse’s first rapper Regan Aliyah, Nigerian-American rapper Chika, and singer/songwriter/producer Tiffany Gouché to reimagine one of the most arresting and unmistakably groovy activist anthems of all-time, “Ooh, Child,” with new lyrics for a new generation of changemakers.

The full album will feature appearances from Little Miss Flint, Cecile Richards, Aparna Nancherla, Sasheer Zamata, Girls Who Code alumni, and more.

“We have always been about more than leading the fight to close the gender gap in tech. We’re a movement, and above all: a Sisterhood,” said Reshma Saujani founder and CEO, Girls Who Code. “We embarked on this project for our girls – who we already know are capable of changing the world. This album is designed to remind them that they are not alone; they have a Sisterhood behind them – for support, laughter, and celebration – while they pursue that change.”

Learn more and get involved in the Sisterhood initiative here.

source: Girls Who Code