We recently stumbled on this awesome comic and, after doing some digging, traced it back to a very talented 23-year-old woman named Irene “Eleyon” Martini. The original plan was to simply share Irene’s “Girls And Videogames” in all its she-nailed-it glory. But after learning more about the artist and how often her work is stolen, compliments of cyber thieves, we decided to right their digital wrongs by giving Irene her proper due.

Based in Italy, Irene graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Fine Arts this past October (her thesis was on a WYSK… writer, illustrator, and conservationist Beatrix Potter), and she’s currently an Animation student at the Nemo Academy of Digital Arts in Florence. She’s also crazy about hot tea.

Irene’s “Girls And Videogames” comic (among others) is floating all over the internet, and in many cases, with absolutely no attribution links to a source site/page, and no credit given to Irene as its creator. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

“Though she’s gained attention for the chibi-fied style of her strips, it’s her full illustrations that show her truest talent. Emotional and silent portraits of unknown heroines allow Irene Martini to flex her skills.”

While she does have the comic watermarked,  there’s no direct linkage back to Irene. But we’re so glad we put in the effort to find her because what we uncovered is an impressive portfolio of clever, one-off comic strips, stunning illustrations and killer drawings created by a Woman You Should Know.

So be sure to check out more of Irene’s work here. You can also follow her on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

In the meantime, these are just a few of our favorite Irene “Eleyon” Martini originals that showcase her incredible wit, wisdom, and talent.

“Happy Women’s Day!”
posted March 8, 2014

Irene Martini_1

“Life it’s all about your point of view.”
posted January 13, 2013

Irene Martini_6

“Can’t wait for my beloved cold weather to come! And my hot tea to warm it!”
posted September 8, 2013

Irene Martini_tea

“Try try try”
posted February 17, 2013

Irene Martini_5

Oh, and here’s how she warms up her brushes…
posted December 11, 2012

Irene Martini_7

The woman behind the art… meet Irene

Irene Martini_2