This image has been flying all over the internet, and has been met with countless shares, cheers, “oohs” and “aahs”. But in true social media form, the person most deserving of an invite to the viral party was left high and dry. So allow us to introduce you to Kelly Tan, the talented photographer and digital artist behind this stunning piece of art that she created with her iPhone.

Kelly, who hails from Malaysia and is self-taught in both photography and art, spends her free time creating the most magical works of art using nothing but her iPhone and iPad. It’s a talent she’s been honing since 2012, when she quit her job as a planning officer in the manufacturing industry to be home with her new baby who needed extra care after spending the first 2 months of her life in the hospital.

Her daughter’s nap time became Kelly’s creative play time, and after mastering the intricate process that brings her inspired visions to life, her artistry blossomed.

All of Kelly’s digital artwork starts with raw images that she takes with her iPhone. She also uses stock photography or images from her Instagram friends’ pages. With artful manipulation, using only iOS apps, she meticulously pieces together the individual components of her overall vision with ArtStudio, and makes her final enhancements (details, sharpness, selective adjust, reduce noise) with Snapseed and PS Express.


While Kelly’s editing process takes 3 – 4 hours, on average, it can take her a few weeks to complete a piece from conception to completion. In an interview with iPhone Photography School, she said, “Searching for the right raw images is important and also the most time consuming.”

Of her I Have A Dream image (above), which is one of Kelly’s personal favorites, it’s composed of iPhone photos Kelly took of her daughter on the rocking horse, the girl shadow, and “wall 2”. Other elements include Variety-Stock/Petersuominen from DeviantArt (horse shadow), FreeImages (wall 1, floor).

Now that you know who she is, what she does, and how she does it, be sure to check out more of Kelly’s fantastical digital art creations, which she shares under the name LovePaperPlane on her Instagram and Facebook pages. You will be thoroughly awed.