Inspired by the strength and courage of Wonder Woman, Google has released new interactive project to teach girls a new superpower… coding.

On the company’s blog Google explains:

Wonder Woman’s strength is more relevant today than ever, especially in the technology space, since girls are less likely than boys to be encouraged to pursue computer science and only 22 percent of gaming developers are women

Made with Code, Google’s initiative to champion the next generation of female leaders and inspire them to see coding as a way to pursue their dreams, is releasing a new interactive coding project for wonder women everywhere to add coding to their superpower toolkit. With the project, teen girls can code three unique scenes from the film, using introductory coding principles to help Wonder Woman navigate obstacles and reach her goal.

google wonder woman code

The project has three levels. Level 1: Train with the Amazons – players are directed to use sequences to help Diana train against her opponents.

Level 2: Race Against Time, utilizes a combination of coding concepts to help Diana gallop through the forest “avoiding soldiers and pitfalls.”

And for the final exercise, Level 3: Lasso of Truth, players use all of the skills they’ve learned to help Diana “defend and avoid attacks and lasso an enemy Captain.” The simple exercises teach players some of the basic coding concepts including variables, sequences, loops and conditionals.

“We hope Wonder Woman’s message of empowerment inspires teen girls, and women, to build confidence in pursuing careers in computer science, engineering, gaming – or whatever their dreams may be.”

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