We all know gendered marketing is a thing; women have become accustomed to seeing items made in pink, because that’s what companies think we want. Well, brands are double dipping in the gendered marketing pool as Lucky Turner from Richmond, VA found out while walking down the aisles of his local drugstore.

“I was literally minding my own business and searching through the store to re-up on Shea Moisture because I was out, and my hair deserved another blessing from them,” Lucky told Buzzfeed. “I really just wanted to make a note of how items are marketed differently to men vs. women but with some humor attached to it.”

So not only do women want pink and purple items, brands have also determined that men don’t like color… not just pink, but as Lucky explains, green, orange or light colors in general. Well, at least companies are equal opportunists when it comes to gendered marketing!