Cards. Are you in the “nice to receive, but often uninspired and tedious to send” camp like we are? The generic occasion types bore us, the just because category never seems to capture quite the right moment, the funny ones are not so funny, and the greetings are usually crafted in a way that no human beings, let alone women, would EVER actually speak to one another. But all it took was one eCard sent to the WYSK office and we knew we had found the answer to our greeting card woes… HaHas for HooHas!

This clever and funny eCard website for women was founded just over a year ago by Women You Should Know®, Anna Lind Thomas and Jen Hembree. The two friends turned business partners met in college at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, when they were both hired as Resident Advisors in the same building. Years have passed since their college days, but the fun hasn’t stopped for the duo as they turned their love of good times into a successful and laugh inducing business.

Anna and Jen created HooHas because they, “… like to laugh and we want other people to laugh too. Through laughter, we hope to create a sense of joy around our website. Even if it’s for just a moment, we want people to be happy. To smile. To think, maybe, some of the things that suck in life are survivable if we can find a way to laugh through it.” Say no more… we’re sold. Banner

The site offers a host of FREE, yes FREE, eCards in all different categories for all sorts of occasions and reasons (even the most obscure and random). The simple, brightly colored designs feature hand drawn, cartoon style images with clever quips, messages dripping with sarcasm, and hilarious, real life, women-centric, stream-of-conscience thoughts and observations. Basically, anything and everything you need to put a smile on someone’s face or mock them, lovingly.

Next to the humor of it all, the aspect we like best is the effortless send process… no account sign-ups, no countless fields to fill out. It’s about a 10 second process once you pick the eCard you like and off your card goes through cyber space. We did a test and receipt time is almost instantaneous for those of you who like to wait until the very last second to acknowledge the important people in your life.

If you are a traditionalist or have an old schooler on the receiving end of your greeting, fear not as HooHas has you covered. You can opt to send any of their eCards as physical greeting cards in the size/shape of your choice. Who doesn’t love options?

HooHas custom eCardsSpeaking of options, HooHas also offers custom eCards, which make for a very cool gift. You send them any of your own photos and they will create a digitally hand drawn, HooHas style adaptation of it that can be made into an eCard or physical greeting card or printed for framing. It’s a card, it’s a keepsake. Love it!

But don’t stop by their site just for cards, as HooHas is also a community for women built on an archive of hilarious personal stories and photos that fans submit for other people’s enjoyment. As the HooHas ladies say, “because we can all relate to being covered in our children’s vomit in public areas, or starting our period in sassy white capris. Let’s laugh at each other’s expense, shall we?”

Thanks for the laughs ladies!