It’s truly baffling that women’s history is presented, far too often, in a painfully boring way, especially when the women who made said history were anything but boring. So with the help of a clever video-short from the Wisconsin Media Lab, this is our ode to Belle Case La Follette, a kickass woman who made her voice heard at a time when women were expected to stay home and stay quiet. Today, would have been her 156th birthday.

Belle Case La Follette (April 21, 1859 – August 18, 1931)…

  • went to the University of Wisconsin – Madison at age 16 (Go Badgers!)
  • wasn’t afraid to form her own opinions (e.g. women deserve the right to vote, all people – regardless of gender or race – are created equal)
  • earned a law degree
  • started a magazine with her husband and wrote about women’s rights
  • dressed how she wanted – “Bloomers Not Corsets” – and encouraged other women to do the same
  • was her husband’s campaign manager when he ran for Congress, Governor, and Senator… he won lots of elections thanks to her, even though she didn’t have the right to vote for him
  • campaigned for women’s rights
  • dedicated her life to progressive causes and changing the world for the better

As a birthday gift to Belle, take 3 minutes to watch the video, learn about her, and then tell a friend how awesome she was.