Today, October 11th, marks the second annual International Day of the Girl. This special resolution was proclaimed by the United Nations last year in an effort to encourage a worldwide conversation about bettering girls’ lives and providing them with more opportunities for leadership. This day is about highlighting, discussing, and advancing girls’ lives across the globe.

We have and continue to cover the many issues that affect girls and young women on the Women You Should Know site, and our partnership with the newly founded Brave Girls Alliance reinforces our advocacy and commitment to these causes.

In celebration of International Day of The Girl, we invite you to meet some of the girls we have covered who are spreading awareness and making an impact in their communities.

Women Talk: 10+ Questions With Three Leaders Of Tomorrow

ThreeGirlsThree New Jersey high school students – Emma Axelrod, Sammi Siegel, and Elena Tsemberis – started a campaign on asking the Commission on Presidential Debates to select a female moderator, after learning in their civics class that a woman has not moderated a U.S. general election presidential debate since 1992. [Full story…]

Teen Girls Invent Drowning Prevention T-Shirt For Toddlers

teen girlsAn all-girl team of high school students invented a comfy and cozy T-shirt equipped with a mechanism that automatically inflates it into a life preserver when it gets soaking wet. The girls designed it for children ages 2 to 4 to wear while they are playing near a swimming pool. [Full story…]

You Are… Movement

TiffanyMotivated by the constant news of young suicides associated with bullying, Tiffany Chao founded You Are… Movement while in high school, a non-profit organization striving to help teenagers gain confidence in themselves and prevent suicide and self-harm. [Full story…]

Be Prepared To Be Inspired By This Ten Year Old

SarahMeet ten year old Sarah Nelson, the CEO of Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats. Sarah started a little business of her own making sweet treats. She donates 50% of the proceeds to her local hospice –  A.R.C.H. “Helping someone else, but also earning some money for my college fund.” [Full story…]

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Lead photo courtesy 10x10act