In sending Mother’s Day wishes out into the world today, we got some help from the Boston Derby Dames, Boston’s premier Women’s Flat-Track Derby Association roller derby league, who tell us why their moms (and moms everywhere) rock…

“She’s the reason why I try so hard every day.”

“She would always say, ya know, go out there, grow wings and fly. So that’s what we do.”

“She worked three jobs that I know of when I was growing up.”

“She very strong, and very put together, but still very compassionate.”

“She’s like lightning. She’s there and then she’s over there.”

Special thanks to award-winning filmmaker Erica Tremblay, who directed this awesome video, for sending it our way to share. Erica is now enjoying her 9th season of roller derby with the Boston Derby Dames, a badass league that has been “skating since 2005, being awesome since forever.”