We love women innovators and Constance Guisset fits the bill to a… WYSK. The multitalented, Paris based designer has come up with a super cool way to deal with those April showers that can dampen your day and make you cry out, “Why didn’t I take my umbrella!” as you shake your clenched fists towards the wet sky. She calls it the Beetle.

At its core her Beetle is a backpack. But with a simple pull of two strings, its soft “shell” magically sprouts wings… or more specifically, a full on raincoat, complete with arms, and a hood that you can slip into and zip up without taking off the pack. Presto chango magic!

And just as soon as Mother Nature decides to cast the storm clouds aside, the raincoat slips right back into the rim of the pack.

Constance designed the Beetle for the French site Nature & Découvertes (Nature & Discoveries) after being invited to be a part of their 2015 curated and exclusive collection of 25 products from 25 different innovative designers.

C’est si bon!




And here’s Constance demoing her creation…

All photos ©Guisset