Last month we introduced you to 89-year-old Hermina Hirsch, a Holocaust survivor whose bucket list wish was to sing the national anthem at a Detroit Tigers game. Well, on Saturday that wish came true.

Hermina loves to sing, and the national anthem is one of her most favorite songs. After telling her kids and grandkids that she wanted to sing for the hometown team, her granddaughter, Andrea Hirsch, took a video and posted it to Facebook. The internet did its thing, and when the team took notice, they sent Hermina an invitation.

Born and raised in Czechoslovakia, at the age of 17, Hermina was separated from most of her family, and shuffled among five different concentration camps, including Auschwitz. Sadly, she lost her parents, three brothers and aunts and uncles during that time, but Hermina survived.

After being freed in 1945, she made her way back to Czechoslovakia, and in 1947 married Bernard Hirsch, before moving to New York. Two of Hermina’s siblings had moved to Detroit, and in 1953, she and Bernard followed, and they have been there ever since.

Hermina has lived a life filled with strength and courage, so performing and showing her love for her country in front of thousands of people didn’t seem that daunting to her. When asked if she was nervous to sing at the stadium she replied, “If I lived through the concentration camp, it couldn’t be that bad.”