WYSK Jenipher Lyn is a vivacious and bubbly artist who specializes in whimsical, punny illustrations blended with happy, hopeful words of wisdom. Her latest confidence boosting, smart girls themed doodle, which is being released exclusively on Women You Should Know today, is an extension of the 30-year-old’s positivity fueled mission to uplift girls and young women by sparing them from feeling and going through the same things she has.

In speaking about the inspiration behind this particular piece, Jenipher told us, “It’s SO important to me that girls know that they can do ANYTHING. So many terrible things in this world steer girls to ‘just be pretty’ or ‘just get married’ and by doing that, they’re deterring lovely young women from following their truest desires. I want them to realize they can become scientists, or teachers, or doctors or artists!!” She added, “One of my goals in life is to encourage girls to follow their heart, and I’ll try my best to do that, one doodle at a time!”

All of Jenipher’s inspired work, including the encouraging book she wrote and illustrated for teen girls, draws on her personal, less than pleasant experiences as a young-adult. How Being Stubborn, Depressed and Unpopular Saved My Life captures the details of Jenipher’s own journey from pain and tears to ultimate happiness. Tackling topics like depression, battling and overcoming eating disorders, and ambition with honesty, encouragement, and vibrancy, it’s the book she wishes she had when she was younger.

Not only is this woman you should know truly doodle-tastic, she is one smart girl!

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