Back in January, one of our favorite Tumblr pages, Notorious R.B.G., announced the launch of, “Notorious R.B.G.: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” a full-length biography on the pioneering Supreme Court Justice.

R.B.G. Tumblr’s creator, NYU law student Shana Knizhnik, along with her co-author MSNBC reporter Irin Carmon, have now revealed the highly anticipated book cover with the following statement:

As you may have heard, we’re taking our national RBG girl crush to the next level. We’re working hard to make “NOTORIOUS RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg” a thing you can buy in the book store this fall, and it will be beautiful. We have been to the Library of Congress. Multiple times. We have several sources on how RBG feels about nose piercings, and also men’s liberation by feminism.

And yes, there will be Legos.

According to Julia Cheiffetz, executive editor of the HarperCollins imprint Dey Street Books, the biography will publish this fall, and will take a look at the Justice’s “refusal to let the slammed doors of sexism stop her to her innovative legal work.”

This is definitely going to be a must read… we’ve reserved our copy, you can do the same here.