While it may be more common place to have an open conversation about periods today, the women who came before us weren’t so lucky. Back for its second season, Period Piece, the hilarious web series that mixes menstruation facts with a big dose of humor, takes us to the Wild West, 1800s Germany and Ancient Rome to see how women in these different historical eras dealt with having their periods.

Each of the 2-minute-or-less episodes tackles an interesting menstrual fact and takes a turn down the not nearly visited enough thoroughfare of period humor. Last year, Period Piece brought us seven shorts ranging from Biblical times to 18th century France, and had us wanting more!

Creator Liliana Tandon developed the short form series as a way to destigmatize menstruation in the media, as well as empower women to embrace their periods.

“I hope this show will help little girls realize they don’t have to be ashamed of their periods,” Liliana writes on her blog. “After all, none of us would be here without it. Periods are something every girl should be comfortable talking about, laughing at, and owning.”

We invite you to watch the three new episodes below. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Ancient Rome

“If periods could scare away storms and rid fields of pests, women would rule the world…”

1800s Germany

“It was common in 1800’s Germany to see a period stain on girls’ clothing… seems like something that would be started by a pretty mean girl…”

The Wild West

“In the 1870’s, the height of the “spaghetti western,” women used to wear menstrual pads held in place by suspenders… sounds like trouble.”