Amirah Sackett is a dancer, choreographer, curator, and teacher based out of Chicago, IL. In 2011 she developed We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic, a hip-hop performance that includes educational lectures and workshops that educate the public and create a dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims to promote unity in communities.

Through this program, Amirah dispels misconceptions about Islam and Muslim women.“There’s an idea that if you see someone walking down the street, and they are covered, they are ‘oppressed’,” she says in the video. “Educating people about the Muslim style of dress for women increases understanding and tolerance.”

At a time when hate and intolerance have become a common theme of political and public discourse, Amirah’s work is more important than ever. “We share a culture. There’s a sector of us that grew up here, we grew up doing a lot of the same things… That ‘otherness’ thing – we are not ‘other’.”

Check out more from Amirah here. Video via Upworthy.